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Lege 3 Schulungen in den Warenkorb und bezahle nur 199

☃️Paket Master für 399€ anstatt 799€☃️

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐1.000+ zufriedene Schülerinnen


    Where do I get the training materials?
    After booking, you will automatically receive a download link with a treatment video, training documents and an e-book (for the master class, additional forms will be added)

    Where can I find the right products?
    You can find some products in our store, for other products you will get a list from us

    Where do I buy the equipment?
    You will get a list of devices from us, which you can then order.

    When will my certificates/packages arrive?
    You will receive the certificates and packages by mail a few days after booking.

    Do I have to take an exam?
    No, attending the training is enough for certification with the proviso that you will learn and be able to apply the treatment. You can send pictures of your work to us so that one of our beauticians can give feedback.

    Are the certificates allowed in the EU?
    Yes, you can work with the certificates in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

    How do I get the certificate?
    The certificates are delivered by mail.