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The e-book "The way to self-employment in the cosmetic industry"

The e-book "The way to self-employment in the cosmetic industry"

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Would you like to become self -employed in the cosmetic industry?
Then you are right here.

In this e-book you get helpful tips for your start up in the cosmetic industry that we have acquired in this industry for years.


Here is the table of contents

  • What do you have to sacrifice?
  • The advantages of independence
  • What are the risks of self -employment?
  • tax consultant
  • The business account
  • Always form enough reserves for bad days!
  • Location analysis and the studio
  • The business registration and change of use
  • What costs can you save?
  • These insurance companies are gold value
  • What hygiene measures do I have to meet?
  • How does marketing work with a low budget?
  • Create logo & flyer yourself via x free of charge
  • Have the logo & flyer created via x cheap
  • Where do you print flyers cheaper?
  • Where can you distribute flyers?
  • Outdoor advertising and shop window advertising
  • Proper advertising on the Internet
  • The power of mouth-to-mouth propaganda
  • What is a customer dialogue?
  • The definition of the word "customer dialogue"
  • How do you bind the customer?
  • How do you sell more to the customer?
  • Why you should definitely write bills
  • Keep an overview of the income
  • Serious occurrence with bills
  • What advantage does the invoice bring you?
  • Which cash register do you need? How do you write a receipt correctly?
  • Diploma
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